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Jewelry Design

An appointment or series of visits with our expert design professionals will be the delightful process by which you will design your jewel. Consideration of your lifestyle, taste, history and innate beauty will ensure that your custom jewel will bear your unique signature. Once you approve your jewelry design, only our master goldsmiths are employed for your custom work of art. Our expert artisans are required to have a minimum of 15 years bench experience, natural ability, artistic genius, sculptural finesse and perfectionist tendencies. Once your sketch and estimated cost are approved, a deposit of half or payment in full is required. If needed, a custom wax sculpted by the most technically advanced machine or by the hand of our master goldsmith will be presented for your approval. Your signature design will not go into production until the final wax is approved by you and your design professional. Once cast, your jewel will be set, finished and polished by the master goldsmith who began your work to guarantee consistency and fine craftsmanship.


Jewelry Repair

The utmost care is taken when choosing from among our excellent craftsmen for your repair needs. Our expert artisans are required to have a minimum of 15 years bench experience as well as the natural intrinsic ability necessary to complete fine work.  Repair services include but are not limited to:


•Stone setting


•Laser work


•Finish and re-finish applications

•Polishing, refurbishment and much more.

Complimentary in-house jewelry cleaning and inspection are available during our hours of business.


Liquidation, Consignment, and Trade

Sell your gold with confidence at Deja & Co.  Bring your old, unwanted and outdated jewelry to “Melt It Down” for cash or Deja Dollars.  Have a redesign in mind?  Using the diamonds, gemstones and Deja Dollars from your old jewelry, let us assist you in creating a beautiful new heirloom!

More information on Liquidation and Consignment coming soon.