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Our STory


Deja & Co. Exquisite Jewels was founded in 1974 in Cupertino, California.  We moved to the lovely Saratoga Village in 2004.  Our 45 years of service have allowed us to form generational bonds with our clientele. In fact, we’re now serving the third and fourth generations of our most cherished clients!  Stay tuned for the re-launch of our blog, including more Deja & Co. history.


From courtship to engagement and marriage, celebration of anniversaries, birthdays and holidays, commemoration of milestones and successes, we offer a lifetime of services personally tailored to the requirements and wishes of our guests. Whether seeking to cultivate a personal collection, personalize generations of heirlooms or procure one cherished jewel, our team of experts is at your service to provide the education, research, creativity, atmosphere and care needed to make the perfect selection.



The visionary and proprietor of Deja & Co!  Deja has developed a brand and style all her own. Welcoming, warm, and friendly with the utmost attention to detail and highest level of service - Deja's particular expertise is intuiting you as you are within, and pulling jewelry inspiration from that sacred, inner place of pure beauty.



As a Sales Professional extraordinaire, Phoebe is a happy-go-lucky gal with an infectious smile.  (It's impossible to not be happy when you're talking to Phoebe. Really! Just try it!) She's absolutely delighted to answer your phone call, bring you a beverage, and add all your favorite jewels to your wish list.  Intuitive, smart, and an absolute sweetheart!



Our Sales Professional Karen is a sweet and intelligent team member who is integral in keeping our sales floor running! She works closely with Deja and Phoebe to ensure that your experience is top of the line. She is usually found happily assisting a customer or beautifully wrapping gifts. Karen previously lived in NYC working in fashion, so feel free to ask her about the Big Apple lifestyle!



The self-proclaimed Marketing Maven of Deja & Co., Bria is the person who designs our print and digital persona.  If it's in your mailbox or inbox, she created it!  She also assists on the sales floor occasionally, so say "hi" if you see her.  (Although you may not recognize her, as her hair is now much shorter than in the photo!)



 As the boutique manager, Lindsey keeps everything at the boutique running smoothly. She is well known among our clientele for her gentle and kind demeanor. With a background in hospitality and competitive horseback riding, it's no wonder that Lindsey is welcoming, disciplined and patient. The super sweet angel of Deja & Co!



 Stacy may be quiet, but she has a big heart. Not only does she rock our inventory department, getting all our jewels tagged and accounted for, she also spends her time volunteering for causes she believes in. Stacy is an essential member of “Giving with Gratitude”, our corporate and social responsibility team, along with Bria and Lindsey. So, she keeps our cases full of jewelry, and our hearts full of compassion!



Michael is an integral part of our inventory team, and is also in charge of managing our jewelry repairs.  He communicates directly with our trusted goldsmiths to make sure that everything is done correctly within our specifications and timeline.  Having past experience as a bartender, Michael also makes a mean margarita!  His mixology skills have been wonderful for events and the creation of signature cocktails!



A super smart and very numbers-driven accountant, Yulia keeps us in line.  Her attitude towards the books is very serious and no-nonsense, while her demeanor is kindhearted and warm!  Yulia is also highly skilled at beautifully plating hors d'eouvres and arranging flowers - so you'll see her personal touch during our events.  Come say "Привет", she hails from the Ural mountains - same as Alexandrite!



Sam is our adept and witty Marketing Assistant who works side by side with Bria to execute all of our marketing efforts. If you read a blog post or like a fun image on social media, you have Sam to thank! You can often find her typing furiously on our computers or editing Instagram stories in the courtyard. Recently graduating from Cal Poly SLO, she loves dogs, food, traveling and of course, jewelry!